Mineral Prospectors Like Mick Schmazian Know the Score

September 19, 2018
Mineral prospectors like Mick Schmazian must always do their job well and consistently. Because the act of locating new resources on a constant basis is so important, Mick’s decades of experience has marked him as an expert in the prospecting field by now. Because of the constant march forward in technology, which uses large amounts of mineral resources, including some that are relatively rare, the ability to locate and access new mineral deposits is critical. Mick Schmazian understands all too well that the huge overheads associated with storage of certain minerals is very important.

Of course, Mick Schmazian also understands the danger posed by some large players, which sometimes try to manipulate the market to their own benefit. While technology promises that many of these mineral resources will be replaced at some point, that may take a while. Until then, mineral prospectors will be necessary and valued. Since mineral supplies are zero-sum, volatility leads to detrimental consequences for others. That makes the job of professional mineral prospectors like Mick Shmazian very important in the mining industry and the overall economy.

Scarcity of Some Minerals Makes Mick Shmazian’s Job Important

June 16, 2018
It is clear to everyone who knows him that Mick Shmazian understands better than many the importance of maintaining stability in the minerals markets. When stability is in question, it becomes way too easy for some large players in the markets to control and manipulate the market to their own benefit, which usually means to the detriment of others. That makes what Mick Shmazian and other professional mineral prospectors do a very important part of the industry and the overall economy. It is always necessary for prospectors to do their job well and consistently.

When it comes to locating new resources on a constant basis, Mick Shmazian’s decades of experience has been lauded by many and he is considered an expert in the prospecting field nowadays. Mick absolutely defies the stereotype of a prospector, in that he is not a man with a pick, wearing a big hat and riding a donkey through the American Southwest. However, that doesn’t mean he isn’t great at what he does. And since what he does is critically important for mining companies who extract these minerals, as well as for the manufacturing companies who depend on a ready supply, he is important.

Mick Shmazian Defies All Stereotypes

March 16, 2018
The reality of the modern economy is, the job of a mineral prospector is now critically important to keeping the economy stable in this day and age of increased volatility. This is something mineral prospector Mick Shmazian understands all too well. When prospectors do their job well, mining companies and the manufacturers they supply tend to maintain their stability. This is a key element in keeping the world economy moving forward these days because supply stability means price stability, which means companies are better able to make money manufacturing many products people need, as well as provide for a stable investment platform for investors.

It is absolutely true that Mick Shmazian defies the stereotypical image of a man in his profession, but that doesn’t mean his work isn’t critical. Mick is a mineral prospector, and while he doesn’t wear overalls, he doesn’t have a bushy handlebar mustache, he doesn’t always carry a pick axe and he rarely rides a donkey burdened with tools throughout the mountains of the American Southwest, his services are still essential for preventing the volatility that is too often the norm when it comes to producing the materials needed to make great products, especially electronics.

Mick Shmazian’s Profession is Stronger Than Ever

December 19, 2017
There is a good possibility that technology may someday come up with replacements for many of the mineral resources we rely on these days, but that is likely to take years or decades. In the meantime, many industries will continue to rely heavily on minerals that we have to dig out of the ground and which can sometimes be in dwindling supply. What that means is, mineral prospectors like Mick Shmazian are not just a critical element of the current era, but they will continue to play a critical role in the entire economy dor a very long time. Even though Mick Shmazian defies the stereotype of a prospector, he is considered very good at his job. In fact almost everyone who has worked with him would agree with that.

The safekeeping of huge stockpiles of mineral resources like gold, silver, coal and oil, among many others, as well as a steady flow of such minerals into the market, is critically necessary for many investors and others, but just as important is to make sure that everyone who needs mineral resources to make products people need, have a steady supply of critical minerals available. That is why mineral prospectors like Mick Shmazian play a critically important role in many industries.

Whenever Mick Shmazian or any other mineral resources prospector, does their job well, it is a net plus for everyone, from investors to manufacturers and consumers. it saves everyone money and makes them more efficient. These days advance technology uses many new and relatively rare mineral resources that are in finite supply. The relative scarcity of many mineral resources cannot lead to rampant inflation in the market. High prices are no good for anyone.