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Mick Shmazian Defies All Stereotypes

March 16, 2018
The reality of the modern economy is, the job of a mineral prospector is now critically important to keeping the economy stable in this day and age of increased volatility. This is something mineral prospector Mick Shmazian understands all too well. When prospectors do their job well, mining companies and the manufacturers they supply tend to maintain their stability. This is a key element in keeping the world economy moving forward these days because supply stability means price stability, which means companies are better able to make money manufacturing many products people need, as well as provide for a stable investment platform for investors.

It is absolutely true that Mick Shmazian defies the stereotypical image of a man in his profession, but that doesn’t mean his work isn’t critical. Mick is a mineral prospector, and while he doesn’t wear overalls, he doesn’t have a bushy handlebar mustache, he doesn’t always carry a pick axe and he rarely rides a donkey burdened with tools throughout the mountains of the American Southwest, his services are still essential for preventing the volatility that is too often the norm when it comes to producing the materials needed to make great products, especially electronics.